Thursday, November 09, 2006

Person and Parson

It’s been a little more than 24 hours since I put up the post “Office and Person”, and during that span of time I often pondered the wisdom of having done so. I was only moderately uncomfortable putting it out for public consumption, but people who care can’t read “heavy stuff” with indifference, and I suspected that most folks who read it wouldn’t know what to do about it except maybe feel ill at ease. Besides, it wasn’t my usual kind of post.

My doubts were pretty much resolved when “Rev. Sam” in the UK put this link up in the comments section: I am grateful to him, and grateful to that parishioner of Blessed Sacrament who referred him to my blogpost.

I deliberately did not refer much in yesterday’s post to the grace and workings of God. I am quite aware of his place in my life and growing ability to love. This post should be read alongside “Office and Person”.

Rev. Sam’s blog can be found at Rebecca Hatcher especially may want to follow the link and read his November 9 post.

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Old and grey-headed said...

There is a lovely account in Robert Coles' biography of Erik Erikson. Joan
Erikson was in analysis. She went to see her analyst, and as she entered the (second floor) consulting room, remarked on the lovely flowers growing
in the window box. In solid analytic fashion he began the session from those words. When the session was over, he asked her to wait outside the front door, and went around to the garden, fetched a ladder, brought it around, and plucked her a bouquet. So much for professional 'detachment'!.
I am a priest of 46 years. I spent the first twelve in parish ministry, went back to do an MSW, and the next 14 as a psychodynamic therapist and supervisor, then back to work for the institutional church as an assistant to the Bishop (seven years). I retired a bit early due to cardiac trouble. In retirement, I do supply around 15 times a year, pray the offices in our private chapel, and do some spiritual direction (I don't charge or accept donations for SD). During the 14 years I was out of 'paid' ministry, I did supply and a few part time interims. I AVOIDED conventions and conferences!! I think I learned more about 'being' a priest in my own person (or being my own person as a priest) in the 14 years in the wilderness, than in the 26 years in paid positions.
You are to be commended for the struggle and the insight/wisdom that is coming to you.