Friday, November 10, 2006

When I Am Weak, Then I Am Strong

I must say that I have been surprised at the responses to my post “Office and Person”—pleasantly surprised. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been. More than one person told me a few months ago that when I allowed myself to be seen as vulnerable they respected me more, not less, and saw it as leadership rather than weakness.

Maybe “Office and Person” struck a note. It is the (fallen) human condition, I think, to desire to be known and to fear it at the same time. In Christ, we are called, even commanded, to know and to be known, to love and be loved, and to learn that “perfect love casts out fear”. It is an essential part of the spiritual life, of sanctification, to move through fear and beyond it into “knowing, as we ourselves are known”.

Jesus did not command us to “love our neighbor”; he commanded us to “love our neighbor as ourselves”. That’s a much harder thing to do. When the command was first given in the days of Moses, it must have been electrifying. Well, it still is.

One person has observed that my blogposts express several themes, including “perseverance in the face of challenge” and “determination to follow the way of love” without being a sucker for the false allure of substitutes for or counterfeits of love. I think these themes are connected, even mutually dependent. Seen that way, maybe my posts “Hugs and Kisses” and “Jawbone of an Ass” are just different ways of saying the same thing.

Starting up a blog has opened up a new means to teach and encourage people. It is a way I can exercise these ministries where sermons, classes, retreat addresses, and spiritual direction sessions can’t. Self-disclosure can be done in a more appropriate way than in these other settings. “Risk-taking” is a little less risky, too. I’m glad I took the risk of posting “Office and Person”, and I thank those who posted comments. Glory to God whose love brings many people together.


Jerry C Olson said...

As Primate Katharine entered the great Cathedral last Saturday she was presented with the Gospels, Water, Bread, and Wine. As a previous member of Blessed Sacrament I can say with gusto;"Fr David proclaims the Gospel and shows great respect for the mystery and saving grace of the Mass". The life of Blessed Sacrament revolves around this celebration.Blessed Sacrament is a parish where the Holy Spirit is alive and well, not dead as in so many parishes. Even though I am a part of that other 30% Fr. David, I will be ever grateful for your preaching and loyalty to the Gospel and above all your friendship...jolson

texanglican said...

Well done blog, Father. I am going to put a link on

Do stop by sometime!

father wb said...

What a terrific blog, Father. I'm putting up a link too.

Thanks especially for your Office and Person post. That really resonated. It was very encouraging.